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The Sound of My Heart

What is it like for me to run half marathons? I’m sixteen and a girl so I’m never going to win them. It’s the guys who are in their twenties and thirties who do that. You probably think I’m dumb, or crazy. I should be playing netball. But out there, on the road every morning training, there’s just me and the sound of my heart beating, my breath flowing in and out. A glow of pink in the sky above the mountains enough to see by and I see things – the dog walkers, the guy who does Tai Chi, the

Asian woman who spits on the ANZAC war memorial every time she passes it and this morning I see an elderly man trying to throw a rope up into a tree and I offer to help. He gets grumpy so I leave him to it. Shouldn’t have done that.

Rain Fall

I'm not running late like I usually am. Maybe that's why I look in the river, maybe that's why I stop when I see it. A dark-coloured raincoat, the arms spread wide, floating, hood-first down the river.

And then it starts to rain.

Fifteen-year-old Annie needs to get to her basketball match, but the police have cordoned off her road. Is her neighbour, who she grew up with, still alive? What has he done to have the police after him?

A murder investigation brings new people to Annie's wild West Coast town, including a dark-haired boy riding the most amazing horse she has ever seen. But Annie is wary of strangers, especially as her world is beginning to crumble around her. In setting out to discover the truth Annie uncovers secrets that could rip the small community apart.

A horse, a boy - will anyone make it out alive?

Buy Rain Fall as a paper back or as an eBook

Try your local bookshop or The Nile, Mighty Ape, Fishpond, Amazon – where ever you buy your books.

Download Teachers Notes for Rain Fall from the Allen & Unwin website with the link below

Night Vision

Viola was born with a genetic condition that makes sunlight deadly. In the dark of night, when most teenagers are tucked up in bed, Viola has the run of her parents' farm and the surrounding forest. She is used to seeing hidden things through her night-vision goggles, but one night she sees something that could get her into a whole lot of trouble...

Viola has always believed she would be dead before she was twenty, but now she must decide just how far she's willing to go to help her parents keep their beloved farm.

Is it okay to steal from a thief? What if the thief might be a killer? And what if the killer threatens to come after her and her family?

A heart-thumping thriller that will leave you breathless.

Buy Night Vision as a paper back or as an eBook

Try your local bookshop or The Nile, Mighty Ape, Fishpond, Amazon – wherever you buy your books.

Download Teachers Notes for Night Vision from the Allen & Unwin website with the link below

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I'm hiding in my closet. I know, it's stupid. But it's better than opening the door and facing up to what I can do. Which is how I got into the closet. Because I didn't walk into it, open the door, close it behind me, hide behind all my clothes and shoes like normal people do. Instead, I thought myself here. And because of it, the Project has found me. They know about my special talent. They're going to train me to be a thief and I'll be the best they've ever had.

eBook now available on Amazon

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Anywhere But Here

We're running, but we don't know where to. Where is safe? Is anywhere safe? The Project won't let us go we're sure of that. Not with what we can do. Travelling. Disappearing from one place and ending up in another. The Project will keep hunting us until they find us. They’ll capture us and take us back so they can use us again as thieves. But Jake has been shot and we can't take him to a hospital because questions will be asked. Paul is acting weird and Shelley and Tina are scared. I'm trying to hold it together, hold everyone together, but I'm crumbling too . . . We need to be anywhere but here.

eBook now available on Amazon

Real Life - Final.png
Real Life

This is it, this is our lives now. Our real lives. We have to face up to it. There’s no escaping, no going back. We are the best thieves ever, the freakiest freaks. It’s just a matter of surviving and hoping that what we’re doing is for good, somehow, somewhere. Maybe we are making a difference in the world. If we survive.

eBook now available on Amazon

Finder Seeker Book Cover - FINAL.png
Finder Seeker

Sixteen-year-old Nicky has a school holiday job like no other - she uses her special ability to find missing people. Teamed up with FBI Special Agent Tim Shaw, who has to somehow keep her safe in the sprawling city of L.A., she must make sure what she can do is kept secret, or her past will catch up with her.

The long-awaited book four of the acclaimed Thieves Series.

eBook now available on Amazon

Thieves is the best teenage science fiction novel I have read this century – Trevor Agnew, Magpies

Edgy, fast-paced science fiction teens will love – Stephen Clark, Tomorrow’s Schools Today

Action packed adventure and I couldn’t put it down – Tania Roxborogh, Otago Daily Times

Not many debut novels make it onto New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards shortlists, but Thieves, by Mosgiel writer Ella West, fully deserves its place. This fine thriller looks like the first appearance of a rising star – Tessa Duder, Australian Women’s Weekly

Ella West is a multi-award winner teen thriller writer who farms sheep and beef with her husband near Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand. She likes cooking and gardening but doesn’t like cleaning the bathroom. She occasionally goes trout fishing with her family and they hate her when she catches a fish and they don’t. Her chickens keep getting out and destroying her garden. In other words, life is tough.

And then there’s the sheep.

WARNING: Do not start reading an Ella West book when you are about to go to sleep. Ella West will not be responsible for late nights, sleeping in or missing the start of school the following day.

The Sound of My Heart Anchor

The long-awaited fourth Thieves book

is out now on Amazon!

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